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microFIT (10kW and less)

Process for connecting microFIT projects.

The following microFIT process depicts the general project flow from the time the applicant makes an application to Halton Hills Hydro for a microFIT connection up to point of connection. The details provided herein are meant to provide potential microFIT applicants with information related to the connection process at Halton Hills Hydro and in no way are meant to take the place of the IESO’s microFIT program rules. All applicants should review the IESO’s microFIT program rules, Halton Hills Hydro’s Guidelines for Applicants Connecting Distributed Generation, the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, requirements of the municipality, and all other legislative requirements, laws or codes that may be applicable.

* Applicant may choose to install their equipment at any point during the process and takes full responsibility for the installation including any changes that need to be made in the event equipment is installed ahead of a connection impact assessment or other reasons.